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Sports Rehab Clinic

Enjoy complete relief from back pain by visiting performance chiropractic sports rehab

One of the most reputed sports Injury Clinic operating in Edmonton for long years with dedication earning the confidence of clients “Performance Chiropractic and Sports Rehab Clinic” has been a revelation to athletes. The outstanding treatments meted out to the athletes with the latest gadgets of chiropractic care, deep tissue back pain massage therapy along with active release therapy for neck pain, headaches, lower back pain, sciatica and other issues affecting predominantly the musculoskeletal system has brought great relief and speedy recovery to the affected patients.



The Chiropractic rehab clinic is most reputed, respected and popular in the region for adopting proficient and state-of-the-art massage techniques and is universally recognised as a sports massage clinic. Initial intense procedures and care are extended to patients to make them feel comfortable and better from the intense pain, ache and other issues. The particular modalities of treatment with a number of visits to the chiropractic care clinic are decided based on the condition, lifestyle and age of the patient.


New patients are given rehab care after the initial intense care for corrective measures of their muscles and other soft tissues. The aim is to strengthen the tissues, stabilize the condition, effect complete healing and provide total relief to the patient.